Monday, December 17, 2012

Global Domination: Verdicts- Best of 2012

Wrapping up my triple article day at Global Domination, here's my Top 5 albums of all of 2012 along with a few other bonus lists and notes on other releases. 

This year in metal has been an exciting one, a huge array of great releases across the entire spectrum.  Mostly a year of pleasant surprises for me personally.  For instance, the top three spots on my list are all occupied by bands coming from their weakest releases.  There were a lot of great albums I didn't have room to include so I may have to make a more robust list soon.

One complaint about 2012 I have is it seemed to be a weak year for thrash.  Overkill presented another great album and a pair of Norwegian bands, Nekromantheon and Aura Noir fared well but overall there weren't a lot of highlights.

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