Saturday, January 5, 2013

Top 5 Albums NOT of 2012 (Day Five)

...And here we are at the end of our look at some of the great albums that could have happened in 2012.  It's interesting we have yet another rather technical band.  Gorguts and Coroner deserve honorable mention in the highly anticipated and oft-delayed, two reunions that have yet to bear albums despite both bands performing new material live.  Does anyone know what happened to Spiral Architect?  We did get one album of the noodley and brutal that was long overdue; the new Spawn of Possesion.  ...And it wasn't that great.  Anyway, hopefully all the bands listed can avoid a similar disappointment if/when these albums reach our ears.

Anata- Greed Conquers All

If a single band could represent the term 'underrated' you couldn't pick a much better fit than Anata.  They haven't really had much of a breakthrough despite writing some of the best technical death metal albums around.  They've only gotten better with time, developing a more cohesive and potent formula throughout their four full lengths.  Full length number five, however, seems to be held up by the always dreaded "label issues."  Something with Earache possibly not letting Anata out of their contract and Earache saying they aren't in touch with the guys... who knows?  What we know is that the album is completely done and that the album is called "Greed Conquers All"... maybe.  Years ago a pair of 45 second instrumental samples were posted on the band's Myspace, doing just enough to prove that the band isn't dead.  If the delays are on Earache lets hope that greed doesn't conquer Anata.

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