Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Top 5 Albums NOT of 2012 (Day Two)

Necrophagist- The Path to Naught/Death to the Faithful

Necrophagist has followed somewhat of a strange trajectory in their career.  And I imagine its driven their (presumably still current) record label insane.  It seems they reached some kind of peak in popularity far into the touring cycle for their last album, capping things off by headlining 2007's Summer Slaughter tour.  Okay, it was three years from the release of "Epitaph", maybe the American tech-death scene was a little slow to it but headlining an ambitious package tour like that made sense even if your band has already missed the general two year album pattern.  Okay, so you've got a big tour under your belt and a bunch of the bands you've influenced are making some waves in the scene.  Time to get out that new album and show 'em how it's done!  Or not... Although we haven't had the many false-starts and perpetually moving release dates as a lot of the albums on this list, the almost silence from the band on the matter isn't exactly comforting.  Type in "new Necrophagist album" on Google and you'll mostly bring up jokes about how, well, there is no new Necrophagist album.

I don't know the official status of this album-to-be but someone going by the handle "severin justin' posted the following on Necrophagist's Myspace page four months ago:

"Some day it makes boom and there will be a new Necrophagist Album from hell"

Some day...

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