Friday, January 4, 2013

Metal Haul II: 01/04/13

Vinyl enthusiast Cricket during the inaugural spin of "Under the Moonspell"
A trip to Columbus landed me in the vicinity of Magnolia Thunderpussy, an amusingly named music store on North High Street.  It'd been years since I'd last walked through those doors but I found their glorious metal section in exactly the same spot, though a much larger selection of vinyl is now present.  After agonizing over a few choices I ended up with the following:
From left to right, top to bottom:
Moonspell- Under the Moonspell (Picture Disc)
-Let this slip through my fingers on CD too many times, Moonspell's relatively primitive but unique and spirited early EP.
Suffocation- Despise the Sun
-Ridiculously short but powerful EP that sort of bridges classic Suffocation and their post-reunion material.
Moonspell- Alpha Noir/Omega White (2CD Digibook)
-One of 2012's most ambitious releases.  Two albums: one heavy, one light, packaged together in a gorgeous book-style presentation.
Satyricon- The Shadowthrone
-I now have all the Satyricon that really matters;, their 90's albums and a split with Enslaved that includes their only demo officially available.
Nox- Ixaxaar
-Though it's unfortunate this project is laid to rest, Centurian existing again makes up for it.
Dark Angel- Times Does Not Heal (Black Edition) (Oversized Digipack)
-Strange format, it's in between the size of a DVD and a CD, comes inside a slipcase with a booklet, also of bizarre proportions.
Shub Niggurath- Horror Creatures
-A compilation of obscure Lovecraftian oldschool death from Mexico.


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