Friday, January 4, 2013

Top 5 Albums NOT of 2012 (Day Four)

Quo Vadis- But Who Prays for Satan? (really?)

Back in 2008, technical/melodic Quebecois death metallers Quo Vadis suffered one hell of a setback.  They had scheduled a sort of farewell show for drummer Yanic Bercier, the only other original member left from the band's inception aside from songwriter/guitarist Bart Frydrychowic. The very same gig saw Bart suffer an aggravation of an old ligament injury.  His knees gave out and he, refusing to end the show early, finished the show seated, likely in agony.  After a pair of surgeries Bart quashed rumors of Quo Vadis disbanding, confirmed several new additions to the lineup and purported to have "two albums worth of material."  At this point it'd been four years since "Defiant Imagination" and fans were chomping at the bit. A rough mix of a song entitled "Equilibrium" eventually surfaced on the band's Myspace page and an Internet-only single consisting of the song "Orbitus" was released a couple of years later.  The last line of their Wikipedia insists that the new album is coming... in 2011.

Quo Vadis generally spend a little longer between albums and Bart Frydrychowic has shown that he doesn't give up easily.  Hopefully we'll see the new album (possibly with a different title...) soon.

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